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Maurice's Photography


Behind The Lens

Maurice’s Photography was founded on the love and passion that I have for capturing every valuable moment that I can possibly imagine. What drives me is the fact that I love color in all its forms. Including black and white. I started getting serious about photography around 2004. I had gotten tired of my old career of refinishing/restoring classic and custom automobiles. Although I still do that as a hobby, because of my health, I had to shy away from all the toxic chemicals that came with refinishing. So I went back to college and pursued an education in Art Photography. I graduated in 2016 and studied the History of Photography, Lighting/Studio Lighting, Film, and Alternative Photographic Processes.


Creating the perfect scene or capturing something majestic in its habitat, or just freezing the happiest moments in someone’s life is the essence of what makes my unique photographs so spectacular. I truly admire all that life has to give and when I notice something, I try hard to elegantly portray the subject in a fashion like no other.


I provide services like no other. I am very flexible and my rates are mainly flat rated along with travel and special equipment if need be in those rare occasions. Whether I’m in the studio, outdoors, on the field for sports, or just doing Macro, I have the ability and knowledge to understand all my settings and always work in Manual Mode for optimum control. Please feel free to email me at:, or call me @ 831.726.6234 to ask some questions. Thank you for your time and have a blessed day!

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